The Latin General's Open General instructions.

* You don't need to have the original PG2 game installed.

* The old campaigns and scenarios are fully compatible.

* The smacks video files doesn't works.

* Unzip the mapfiles (.map) you will found at into the folder OG\EFILE_OLGWW2\SCENARIO and into the folder OG\EFILE_OLGCW\SCENARIO.

* Unzip the SHP files (.shp) or the .png maps into the folder OG\MAP.

* Unzip the campaign files into the OG\EFILE_OLGWW2\SCENARIO, if it's a LGWW2 campaign, and into the OG\EFILE_OLGCW if it's a LG Cold War campaign.

* Unzip the standalone scenario files into the OG\EFILE_OLGWW2\USERSCEN if the scenario it's for the LGWW2, and into the OG\EFILE_OLGCW\USERSCEN, if it's a LG Cold War scenario.

* Unzip the file OpenMusic.rar into the folder where you have installed OG, for instance c:\OG.

* Unzip the files SFX1_xxx_mp3.rar, SFX2_xxx_mp3.rar and SFX3_xxx_mp3.rar into OG\SFX. For instance, c:\OG\SFX.