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Map Sites.

* Gilestiel's Map Finder for PG2

* Stahlhelm Team


* JP's Panzers

* Builders Paradise

PG2 Resources (Campaigns, Scenarios, Efiles and more).

* Gilestiel's Downloads - All the needed PG2 and OG downloads.

* Luis Tools - Site of Luis Guzmán, creator of the Open General and the Suite. Find all his works there.

* Kaiser General II - Home of the Juankar's Kaiser General II efile and his campaigns and scenarios.

* Open General España - Site devoted to Open General & Spanish Civil War, also PBEM gameplay!.

* Steve's PG2 Campaign Page - Main download center of PG2 Campaigns.

* Eric's Panzer General 2 - The site of Eric the Red. Find maps and much more.

* Kampanie OpenGen - Polish site devoted to Open General.

PBEM Clubs.

* Rayydar's Raiders

* Panzerliga