How to update your PG2?

You need to update your PG2 to use the current mods, for instance, the LG efile, the LG Cold War, the 19C efile... etc. To do that:

1st - Install the official patch 1.02 made by SSI. There are four different versions;

1.02 UK version

1.02 USA version

1.02 French version

1.02 German version

2nd - Install the unofficial patch 2.10 made by 008.

Unofficial patch 2.20

NOTE: The unofficial patch is only functional for the UK and US versions (the english versions). The users of French or German versions need to convert the .fra or .deu file texts to .txt files using this tool.

3rd - Install the lastest graphics Datup -> DOWNLOAD.

4th - Install the lastest Soundup -> DOWNLOAD.

5th - Copy the next folders from the original CD to the root of PG2 in your HD, usually c:\panzer2


6th - Install the desired efile, for example the LG efile. Unzip the entire zip file into your main PG2 folder, usually c:\panzer2.

7th - Install the desired graphic set, for example, if you are using the LG efile, you need to install the ''Latin Generals'' flags from the list available using the Flag & Dossier switcher tool.