How to install the campaigns and scenarios?

Installing campaigns:

Usually, the campaigns are included into zip files, which also have included another different files, like a different .zip with ''map'' files (see How to install the maps?), readme files in .txt, .doc or .rtf format and another .zip, with a lot of .scn and .txt files... you should unzip all the .scn files and the .txt which come along with the .scn ones into your main SCENARIO folder, usually; c:\panzer2\scenario.

If the campaign has ''mapfiles'' also into the zip, you should unzip that .map files into the SCENARIO folder too.


Installing standalone scenarios:

There are two kind of scenarios. The scenarios also come in a .zip file, if this zip has a .ply file, you should unzip the zip package into the next folder: c:\panzer2\userscen. This kind of scenarios have their name painted in blue in the scenario list of the game.

If the scenario doesn't has the .ply file, that scenario is maybe designed to be unzipped into the SCENARIO folder, c:\panzer2\scenario, and the name of this kind of scenarios in the scenario list in the game, will be in white.

Sometimes, the standalone scenarios also have a readme file.