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New scenario, and new LG Cold War efile update. The scenario is Sierra Maestra 1958, which covers the guerrilla action between the Fidel Castro's and Che's columns agaisnt the army of Batista. Both things can be downloaded from the LG Cold War section.


Please, UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS, THE LATIN GENERALS SITE will be ONLY AVAILABLE at: from the 1st of January in advance.


Open LG Cold War, UPDATED! (v1.65), we have also updated 4 scenarios: South Ossetia has been included as new country, as well as some new units and graphics updated. The 4 updated scenarios are: Amin's Last Chance, Victory at Kampala, Battle of Cuito Cuanavale and Seven Pines, this one for the LG America efile. Thanks to Paqueo to test this scenario.


Open LG Cold War, UPDATED! (v1.60): Some details fixed. Also two new countries added: Montoneros and Rebel Libya.


LG IS BACK: After a small period of absence in these summer months, Latin Generals returned to the charge. I hope fans of the site and its contents sorry. Since there may be a game like Panzer General II, and called''General''Open (substitute PGII, modernized and powerful thanks to the contributions of an entire community, without whose ideas would not have been possible), run out campaigns and scenarios, which I hope begins to be created again, not only from Latin Generals if not by all that I encourage you to participate as always, it is necessary to regain the fans restless mind and no other than amuse and recreate historical battles, of which over the years has shown the LG project.

Of the same, we can not presume that others, whose courage, too relentless, it seems that focuses on the mere recreation of their personal selves in a vicious circle, bored out no more debates, and dead words, disregarding to really make this scene possible: you who PLAY, and we, who do scenarios to be played.

Besides all this, we have a new scenario: Battle of Seven Pines (BETA, we appreciate your comments) for the LG America. Remember that America is a LG efile for the Open General. Briefly, we will update the downloads with the latest downloadable OG (icons, etc).